Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: ftrack’s 2015 customer showreel

Backend tools don’t always get the exposure they deserve – in part, because of the lack of eye candy. It’s much easier to make a story about a new render mode look interesting than a story about a new spreadsheet view.

So it’s interesting to see production-management system ftrack taking a leaf out of the content-creation tools’ book, and putting together a reel of the most eye-catching new work created by its users.

Some neat shots you won’t have seen on too many other reels
It’s an interesting mixture of projects: largely short-form and broadcast work, and largely from European studios, Canadian Emmy nominee Artifex being the main exception.

While that means you don’t get blockbuster movie effects, it does mean that you get to see nice work that hasn’t previously been done to death on reels from Autodesk, Side Effects, The Foundry et al.

As you might expect of a Swedish company, local VFX facilities are well represented: look out for Fido’s work on 80s action movie parody Kung Fury, and some brilliant cinematics from Bläck.

But are also some nice shots from the Netherlands’ Filmmore and the UK’s Lipsync Post – and even a bit of movie work, courtesy of Automatik’s creatures for indie sci-fi movie Monsters: Dark Continent.

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