Saturday, August 8th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: Fabric Engine 2 for Modo

Fabric Software just posted a new sneak peek of the upcoming native integration between Fabric Engine 2, the next release of its popular graphics tools-development platform, and Modo.

The integration will be made available to beta users – you can apply to join the beta program here – shortly after Siggraph 2015 next week.

The company is officially launching Fabric Engine 2 itself at the show (you can see a preview here), with a commercial release to follow in September, and the Modo integration “quickly after that”.

The thread on The Foundry forum below has more information from Fabric Software CEO Paul Doyle about what you can and can’t expect.

And one more interesting factoid: the video above was recorded by ace plugin developer Eric ‘Mootzoid‘ Mootz, now an official part of Fabric Software.

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