Friday, November 14th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Allan McKay launches free VFX careers podcasts

Originally posted on 3 November. Scroll down for updates.

VFX supervisor and 3ds Max FX guru Allan McKay has launched a new series of free podcasts focusing on career development for visual effects artists.

Career advice for VFX artists
The podcasts, which will cover topics like breaking into freelance, working internationally and self-marketing, and which will feature interviews with artists at leading studios, replace McKay’s old Artist Insight videos.

“Traveling around and assembling people to shoot and edit the episodes proved quite painful,” says McKay. “[Despite] shooting 25 episodes and having two editors assigned to [the work], only five ever made it online.”

In contrast, three podcasts are already available: two on the art of freelancing, and one with Pixomondo pipeline developer Carlos Anguiano. A ‘bonus interview’ with Anselm von Seherr-Thoss follows soon.

If you like ’em, leave a review on iTunes
McKay is asking anyone interested in the subject to check out the first episodes today or tomorrow, and if they like them, to leave a review.

“[On] iTunes … the first 48 hours are critical to whether or not [the podcast] will get future visibility,” he says. “Unfortunately, there isn’t a VFX category, so [my podcast has] to compete with many other categories.”

Updated 14 November: Allan has just released his fourth podcast, which tackles what will probably be a very popular subject: how to tackle job interviews – in particular, how to overcome the anxiety that they can create.

Listen to the The Allan McKay Podcast on iTunes

Read more about the podcasts on Allan McKay’s website