Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Create 3D scenes by talking about them with Text-to-3D

Developer BrainDistrict has launched Text-to-3D: a free version of its idiosyncratic RaySupreme technology, which enables users to create simple 3D scenes by typing descriptions in plain English.

Describe a scene and have it built for you
Text-to-3D, which comes as a browser-based service or a downloadable offline app, lets you set up interior or exterior scenes by typing instructions like ‘move the table 40cm right’ or even just ‘change the windows’.

You can apply materials from a library of presets with commands like ‘the floor is made of sandstone’.

There is also a time-of-day setting to change ambient lighting, and a year setting, which uses only models appropriate to, say, the 1920s.

Limited, but fun to play around with
At the minute, Text-to-3D is really only a novelty: while the quality of the images shown in the gallery might work for simple storyboarding, you’re limited to a library of just over 150 models.

To access more, you either have to create them in RaySupreme itself and upload them to the TT3D cloud, or commission them from other artists in the upcoming TT3D Market Place.

However, it’s a fun novelty, and one that’s free to play around with.

The browser-based version has a simplified interface, and a maximum render resolution of 720 x 405 pixels – which can be raised to 720p or 1080p by purchasing monthly subscriptions.

Alternatively, you can download a desktop client for Windows or Mac OS X which offers an unlimited maximum render resolution. It’s still in beta, though, and – on 64-bit Windows 8, at least – not terribly stable.

BrainDistrict tells us that it plans to introduce phone and tablet versions in future.

Try Text-to-3D for yourself on the TT3D website