Thursday, September 26th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk posts Leap Motion plugin for MotionBuilder

Autodesk’s experimental Leap Motion Controller plugin for MotionBuilder in use. The work-in-progress tool enables artists to puppeteer characters inside the software in real time using the new Kinect-like device.

Autodesk has released a new work-in-progress plug-in enabling users of Leap Motion‘s Kinect-like controller to puppeteer characters in real time inside MotionBuilder.

The developer released a similar toolset for Maya earlier this year.

Some assembly required
The demo video above focuses more on the end results than setup – the results look reasonable, if a bit floaty when the character jumps – but you can find PDF documentation on the project’s page on the Autodesk Labs site.

The project will remain available in the Labs until 31 January 2014. You’ll need to be running MotionBuilder 2014.

Visit the Leap Motion controller for MotionBuilder’s page on Autodesk Labs
(Includes download link)