Thursday, July 4th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Watch cool new videos of the FluX fluid simulator

FXGear has posted new demos and tutorials for FluX, its distributable node-based fluid simulation software.

First announced last year, FluX is said – at least in the marketing blurb – to be able to cope with billions of particles and to previsualise the results of simulations “in the blink of an eye”.

The new videos go some way towards backing up those claims, showing both detailed simulations running inside the software (top of story) and providing a general overview of the workflow (above).

Anyone familiar with the original demo image of the shark leaping out of the sea can also see the full shot along with a 20-minute breakdown showing how it was created.

The breakdown shows the base animation of the shark leaping being imported from Maya, and the baked simulation being exported back to Maya, both via the RealFlow BIN format.

English speakers should note that in each case, you’re going to be reliant on the subtitles, but the videos still give a reasonable flavour of how FluX works.

We can’t find much new information on FXGear’s website itself, but Max Underground notes that the software is due for release in September or October.

Read more about FluX on FXGear’s website

Visit FXGear’s YouTube channel