Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Gnomon releases new DVD on sculpting better characters

The Gnomon Workshop has released Sculpting a Stylized Character, a new training DVD from David Meng, creature designer and sculptor at Weta, and a veteran of movies from King Kong to The Hobbit.

The video provides an in-depth look into the techniques and thought process of a leading creature designer.

A practical sculpting project from end to end
Over the course of three hours, Meng shows viewers how to sculpt a stylized orang-utan, constructing an armature for the maquette, massing out the structure with foam, and blocking in the pose.

Once blocking in is complete, Meng begins refining the primary forms of the character before going to work on the head and face, demonstrating detailing techniques to bring the skin and fur to life.

Sculpting a Stylized Character is available from The Gnomon Workshop’s online store, price $49. The video is already available as a digital download, and will be available as a physical DVD from 5 August.

Buy Sculpting a Stylized Character from The Gnomon Workshop’s online store

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