Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 Posted by CG Channel Administration

Eye candy: The Wolverine gets its first trailer

I’m a long time X-Men fan.

One of the first things I ever read as a kid was an X-Men comic given to me by a family friend. The very first cartoon series I fell in love with was X-Men. The first two X-Men films blew my mind.

Unfortunately, Fox then plummeted the franchise into a downward spiral with the mediocre X3 and the ridiculous X-Men Origins: Wolverine film.

I thought the franchise was done for until the amazing X-Men: First Class breathed new life and new hope into an otherwise dead series. Whether or not this was a fluke, only time will tell – but I’m hoping not, because Fox has just released the first trailers for the next movie in the X-Men universe, The Wolverine.

Making up for the sins of X3?
If there is one X-man who deserves his own films, it is Wolverine. Hugh Jackman returns as the rabid immortal, taking a job in Japan for an old ally some time after the events of the third movie.

Hopefully, this will somehow tie into the next X-Men: First Class film (which is rumored to use time travel as a means to correct the utter failure that was X3).

The first video below is the international trailer: quite a bit longer than the domestic version, and actually featuring Wolverine’s nemesis in the film, the Silver Samurai.