Monday, March 18th, 2013 Posted by CG Channel Administration

Eye candy: New Despicable Me 2 trailer!

Originally posted on 31 October 2012: Scroll down for updates.

I really liked Despicable Me when I reviewed the Blu-ray release, so I’m looking forward to its sequel, which is due out next year.

Very little is known about the plot – except that those very popular minions will return – but the new Halloween trailer sheds some more light on the matter: Despicable Me 2 will include aliens.

Not too far fetched, really, when you take the origin of the minions into account: something the sequel will perhaps shed some more light on.

Given the animated features Universal has released since the first Despicable Me (Hop and…*shivers*…The Lorax), I’m not as excited as I probably should be, but see if the trailer above gets you in the mood.

Updated 19 March 2013: A third trailer for Despicable Me 2 has surfaced, giving a clearer look at the plot.

With the original already having tackled the ‘villain with a heart of gold’, it seems the sequel is going to focus on Gru (Steve Carell) actually trying to play the part of the good guy.

Also returning are the real stars of these films: the Minions. I really loved the first movie, and now I can’t wait for the second!