Monday, October 15th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Gnomon releases three-part perspective drawing tutorial

The Gnomon Workshop has released Fundamentals of Perspective 1-3: a new three-volume series of video tutorials from illustration legend Gary Meyer.

The series includes an introduction to one, two and three-point perspective, plus examples of projecting from plans, transferring scale, drawing inclined surfaces, and plotting ellipses, shadows and reflections.

From one to three-point perspective
The first tutorial, Fundamentals of Perspective 1: One-Point Principles and Concepts, introduces the viewer to the tools and principles of one-point perspective, through a series of exercises indicating the relationship of the viewer with the picture plane and the object that is to be constructed.

Its successor, Fundamentals of Perspective 2: Two-Point Principles and Concepts, adds an extra dimension, providing a series of examples of two-point perspective.

Topics covered include projecting from plans and elevations, repeating rectangles in foreshortened perspective, and constructing inclined planes using auxiliary vanishing points and vertical vanishing lines.

The last instalment in the series, Fundamentals of Perspective 3: Three-Point Principles and Concepts, explores the primary concepts of three-point perspective.

Meyer discusses how to measure points to construct an architectural object, plotting shadows from natural and artificial light sources, and how to plot reflections while transferring scale in perspective.

Taken as a series, Fundamentals of Perspective provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to strengthen their comprehension of the principles of perspective drawing.

If you’re one of those artists who is afraid of touching a ruler, these are probably the tutorials for you.

About the artist
Gary Meyer has been an instructor at Art Center College of Design for 23 years. He has served as Professor and Master of the College and was the recipient of its first Faculty Award. His commercial clients include major aircraft and motion picture studios, Reader’s Digest, Random House, Levi’s and CBS Records.

Fundamentals of Perspective 1-3 are available now from The Gnomon Workshop’s online store as direct downloads, with the DVD releases to follow on 18 October. Each costs $49.

Buy Fundamentals of Perspective 1 from The Gnomon Workshop

Buy Fundamentals of Perspective 2 from The Gnomon Workshop

Buy Fundamentals of Perspective 3 from The Gnomon Workshop

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