Thursday, October 4th, 2012 Posted by CG Channel Administration

Eye Candy: Dreamworks Animation debuts trailer for ‘The Croods’!

Lilo and Stitch is not my favorite Disney film, heck it isn’t even in the top ten. But one thing I loved about it was artist Chris Sanders’ character designs. I make sure to visit his booth ever single year at the San Diego Comic Con because I love his work and style so much. On that note I loved How to Train Your Dragon which Sanders co-directed. This year at the convention he was handing out free posters with concept designs for his next film which he said he was working on for Dreamworks. He had to remain silent on the specifics but said there would be a trailer out later in the year. Well here we are with the debut trailer for Dreamworks Animation’s The Croods.

Emma Stone can do no wrong but I must admit the often eccentric Nicholas Cage is really distracting and I don’t even know what Ryan Reynolds is doing here. Besides that the design of the film is beautiful and the creatures are pretty amazing. Check out the Trailer below!

Promotional art that was handed out at SDCC 2012