Monday, July 23rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: cool real-time raytracing in DirectX 11

A pretty little demo showcasing DirectX 11’s real-time raytracing capabilities has surfaced on YouTube.

Many of the links we’ve found, including Gizmodo, attribute the video to Hayssam Keilany, creator of the iCEnhancer mod for GTAIV, although there’s nothing about it on his blog or Facebook page.

The scene itself seems to be from a Japanese site. Rigid Gems is described as a “realtime hybrid raytracing demo”, and runs under DirectX 11 on Vista SP2 and above.

The video isn’t perhaps as revolutionary as some of the more breathless commentary would have you believe, since real-time HDRI, reflection, refraction et al have been around since DirectX 9.

But the caustics look nice, and whoever actually recorded the footage did a nice job, particularly with the DoF. Setting it to a Plaid track doesn’t hurt, either.

Download the Rigid Gems demo
(English translation by Google Translate)