Monday, May 21st, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Tutorial: use image-based force fields in 3ds Max 2013
Image-based force fields in 3ds Max 2013: the first of Sergio Muciño’s tutorials on his new maxTD blog.

Sergio ‘Toonman’ Muciño has posted a nifty video tutorial on using 3ds Max 2013’s MassFX toolset to create image-based force fields.

The 13-minute video explores a simple test case: using a checkermap to apply forces to a grid of objects. Black areas of the map apply no force; white areas apply maximum force.

The tutorial marks the launch of Muciño’s new maxTD blog on Autodesk’s AREA community site, which looks well worth bookmarking, particularly if you remember the original – and now sadly defunct – website.

Visit Sergio Muciño’s maxTD blog