Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Gnomon releases new concept art training DVD

The teaser for Aaron Limonick’s session from Gnomon’s online Master Classes 2011. The material now forms the basis of a new 276-minute training DVD, Concept Design: From Abstraction to Production.

The Gnomon Workshop has released a new concept art training DVD, Concept Design: From Abstraction to Production, from Naughty Dog’s Aaron Limonick.

The 276-minute video shows how chance can form an important tool for keeping your concept work fresh. Limonick begins with a simple ink blot image and develops architectural forms from the resulting shapes.

Paying particular attention to lighting and atmospheric effects, he steadily works up the original random image into a finished concept design.

Working in Photoshop, Limonick uses the tutorial to set out a multitude of practical digital painting techniques.

A graduate of Art Center College of Design, Aaron Limonick’s first job in the industry came about through a graffiti art collaborator. Since then, he has worked as a concept designer and illustrator on projects including the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises, The Bourne Conspiracy and Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Concept Design: From Abstraction to Production is available now on DVD and direct download, price $59.

Buy Concept Design: From Abstraction to Production from The Gnomon Workshop

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Full disclosure: CG Channel is owned by the Gnomon School of Visual Effects.