Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

GDC 2012: Autodesk signs Nintendo licensing deal

The launch trailer for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. The games giant has just announced middleware licensing deals with Autodesk and Havok at Game Developers Conference 2012.

Autodesk has signed a licensing deal with Nintendo to provide licensed developers working on titles for the new Wii U console with tools from its Gameware line of middleware, the developer announced at GDC 2012.

New versions of all six products in the rebranded Gameware line-up were also announced at the show.

The Nintendo deal covers three of these: UI tool Scaleform, real-time IK solver HumanIK and pathfinding system Kynapse. AI tools Cognition and Population are omitted, possibly because Autodesk has only just acquired the technology; as is the interactive lighting system Beast, which is already licensed to Unity Technologies.

Nintendo also announced a similar deal with Intel-owned physics system provider Havok at the show.

Autodesk has entered into a landmark license agreement allowing Nintendo Co., Ltd. to provide Gameware technology to its licensed developers creating video games for the upcoming Wii U platform and helping differentiate Nintendo’s new hardware, expected to hit store shelves later this year.

Under terms of the agreement, Autodesk, Inc. has granted Nintendo the right to provide licensed Wii U game developers with three Gameware products: Scaleform middleware for user interface development, Kynapse middleware for artificial intelligence and HumanIK middleware for interactive character animation.

The Autodesk Gameware product line is comprised of production-proven game development solutions that have been used in at least 1,000 games to date. This technology helps developers enhance production value while reducing development time, enabling them to focus efforts on creating compelling gameplay that resonates with consumers.

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