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Exocortex Technologies releases ImplosiaFX

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Exocortex Technologies has released ImplosiaFX, a new custom shattering plugin for Softimage.

ImplosiaFX builds on Softimage 2012’s new ICE modelling framework to create fully customisable fracture effects, including options to pre-cut the geometry using Boolean operations, or simulate breakage using Voronoi, continuous or iterative algorithms.

The plugin preserves the parent object’s UVs and normals on the shards it generates.

Exocortex’s webpage for ImplosiaFX provides a fuller run-down of the software’s capabilities, and some technical stats, including typical calculation times for large scenes.

Implosia FX is available for Softimage 2012 and above running on Windows. A Linux version is in development. The plugin costs $249 for a node-locked or floating licence, but is available to users of Exocortex’s Momentum multi-physics system for $149 until the end of March.

The plugin is Exocortex’s second new tool inside a month. In January, the developer released Species, its new Softimage character-creation and rigging plugin.

Read a full list of features in ImplosiaFX

Download a demo of ImplosiaFX

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