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Eye candy: Devils, Angels & Dating

Thursday, January 5th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Love triangles are always tricky. But when they’re comprised of a junior devil, an ageing cupid and death herself, things can get really messy.

At least, that’s the premise of Devils, Angels & Dating, Michael Cawood’s new eight-minute animated short.

The film was produced via a team of over 300 volunteers working online, and ringmastered by Happy Feet veteran Cawood. There’s a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes material on both the movie’s website and Cawood’s own personal site.

Cawood is currently seeking Kickstarter funding for a Making Of book explaining the production of the film, including such thorny topics as ‘Making short films: is it worth it?’ and ‘Married to the film: the wife’s perspective’. We can’t wait.

Visit the Devils, Angels & Dating website

Visit Michael Cawood’s website

Pledge Kickstarter funding for the Making Of book

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