Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 Article by Travis Bourbeau and Robert Nelms

Artist spotlight: Ben Procter, art director, TRON: Legacy

Art director Ben Procter’s work will be immediately familiar to anyone who has seen two of the biggest movies of recent years: 2010’s TRON: Legacy, and 2009’s box-office-busting Avatar.

Beginning his career in the videogame industry, Procter worked as a previs artist on movies including the two Matrix sequels, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, before switching to the art department for Transformers and Superman Returns.

Working mainly on the ‘human mechanical world’ in Avatar, including the design of the Hell’s Gate base, his contributions can be seen on everything from the detailing of the Ops Center and its holographic displays to the first pass at the zero-gravity cryovault.

In this ten-minute interview, recorded by the Gnomon School for Visual Effects, Ben discusses his recent work on TRON: Legacy, including the art direction process, how Joseph Kosinski’s visual style differs from that of James Cameron, and the increasing role 3D has to play in the work of the concept department.

Ben Procter’s website

Selected artworks by Ben Procter