Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 Article by Travis Bourbeau and Robert Nelms

Artist spotlight: Christophe Desse, Naughty Dog

Well known to CG Channel users as the author of our Maya cel shading video tutorial, Christophe Desse works as a technical artist at game developer Naughty Dog.

In this six-minute video interview, Christophe talks about the distinction between art and craft, the need for personal artwork, and why doing your own work out of hours is vital to advance your career.

Christophe started to tinker with 3D software back in 1991, and is now experienced with most of the main industry-standard packages. Before moving to Naughty Dog, he worked as a special effects artist and modeller for advertising, TV, films and games in France, Germany and Singapore.

He is also the author of the Gnomon Workshop training DVD Maya Rendering & Compositing Techniques.

When he is not building worlds for the PS3 at work, he enjoys creating cartoony or stylised characters and super-charged muscle cars. You can see some of Christophe’s work below, including his concept sketches.

Christophe Desse’s website

Buy the Maya Rendering & Compositing Techniques DVD

Selected artworks by Christophe Desse