Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Shade 12 now shipping

Mirye Software has released an update to Shade, its all-round modelling, rendering and animation software.

Shade 12 features a completely redesigned interface and new fast preview rendering options, including the facility to preview stereoscopic 3D content.

Although the software has a long history in its native Japan, it has never achieved the same kind of market penetration in the West. Some of the features of Shade 12, including mirror modelling options, displacement mapping, SSS and Collada support, will already be long familiar to users of other packages.

However, features like the new built-in image-based modelling system and support for volumetric materials throw a few wild cards into the hand. A full-featured 30-day demo (link below) lets new uses try before they buy.

Mirye Software announces Shade 12, the powerful modeling, animation and rendering platform for Windows and Mac OS X 32 and 64 bit systems. Shade 12 features a powerful, enhanced renderer that can make use of multiple cores and network rendering using ShadeGrid nodes.

New Features in Shade 12

  • New Shade 12 User Experience
    A completely redesigned interface that intelligently groups related tool sets and allows users to immediately switch between established workspaces, such as modeling, animation and rendering, or set up custom workspaces. New preview options including GLSL Phong rendering (with OpenGL 2 support), fast preview rendering and preview stereoscopic 3D.
  • 2D Illustration and Photos to 3D Models
    Sketch Modeling makes it easy to turn 2D illustrations into 3D characters. Photo Modeling lets you take multiple photographs and turn buildings and objects in them into 3D objects.
  • New Modeling Options
    Powerful Mirror tool for mirroring geometry, magnet tool for deforming geometry and non-destructive cage modeling and deformation for altering geometry, especially for animation.
  • 3D Rendering Options
    Advanced stereoscopic export includes traditional anaglyph (red/blue glasses) 3D rendering used in new Blu-Ray and 3D capable monitors and televisions, and the NVIDIA 3D VISION platform. Shade also supports FujiFilm’s mult-picture object (MPO) 3D format.
  • Volumetric Lights
    All lights support attaching volumetric attributes that affect both composition and color. Shade’s flexible lighting system works hand in hand with other Shade technologies: 64 and 128 bit HDRI background images in Image Based Lighting (IBL) and more.
  • New Material Options
    Support for Volumetric materials, unlimited images per material, unlimited maps per mesh, making it easier to work with maps created within Shade or importing maps made with other software.
  • Displacement, Normal Mapping
    The advanced native renderer of Shade supports displacement for deformation of surfaces at render time, as well as support for normal maps for enhancing surface details, especially for game developers.
  • Subsurface Scattering
    Depict surfaces that allow penetration of light. Create complicated hues and shadows such as those associated with jade, marble, plastics, and human skin.
  • COLLADA Import and Export Options
    Import COLLADA animation (Shade Pro only) export COLLADA format

The release also includes updates and improvements to existing features. The software is immediately available for download from http://www.shadetrial.com.

Pricing and Availability
Shade Basic is $99, Shade Standard Edition is $349 and Shade Professional is $749. Owners of Shade 10 can upgrade at a discount. Shade 8 users have a very limited time to upgrade to Shade 12.

Visit the Mirye Software website