Saturday, February 5th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

View a full episode from VES Award-nominated anime

Image (c) Motofumi Kobayashi/anima Inc – IDA Inc.

Japan’s IDA Entertainment has made the first episode of its VES Award-nominated animated series Cat Shit One available to view for free – at least, if you live in North America or the Antipodes.

The 22-minute episode will be available online for two weeks to coincide with the DVD and Blu-ray release, although it can currently be viewed only by viewers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Cat Shit One’s producer, Junya Okabe, has also posted an appeal for help in promoting the animation by word of mouth. The series, which is written by renowned war manga artist Motofumi Kobayashi, has yet to recoup its full production costs.

View the 22-minute episode online here (US, Canada, Australia, NZ only)


Dear All,

My name is Junya Okabe, the producer for the film, “CAT SHIT ONE”.

Please allow me to deliver this genuine message.

The film has yet to surpass the production cost and we saw more potential for the content in the U.S. than in Japan. We dubbed the entire film in English by casting American voice actors. Even after all the obstacles, we have managed to finalize the English version of our investment.

We must now make this project a huge hit!

We already have countless new projects in line, such as a new character merchandizing project, created by Japanese production companies, to air online for free once this project succeeds.

However, we do not have budget for it.

That is why we will like to ask all of you for help!

Through your family, friends, and relatives… We will like to ask all you to help promote this project. Through Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites, help us spread the word all throughout the United States of America!

We are currently in a position where we are left with no other choice.

Please help us promote!

We believe in its potential and the miracle that America is known to create.


Junya Okabe
IDA, Inc.