Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 Posted by Jim Thacker

NeuroSystems releases new sub-$50 organic art tool

NeuroSystems has released Substance Classic, its new application for creating ‘photorealistic evolutionary art’.

Created by Stéphane Marty, best known as the developer of the Virtualight renderer, the software combines procedural organic modelling and rendering technology to ‘create an artwork which continually changes according to a genetic evolutionary algorithm’.

According to the product website, “The artist is able to control the development of a piece of work through some form of ‘selection’ in a manner analogous to natural selection.”

“One or more parent virtual sculptures are mutated and/or crossbred to produce a number of ‘children’ which are then selected again. These results are then used to produce the next ‘generation’.”

The images in the website’s gallery show an interesting range of visual styles: from output similar to that of Braid Art Labs’ GroBoto to a conventional fractal generator.

(Older viewers may also experience a twinge of nostalgia for William Latham’s pioneering organic artwork of the 1990s.)

Substance Classic costs $49.95. A free viewer application is already available, and a ‘Complete’ edition of the software, offering more advanced rendering capabilities, is in development.

Click here to visit the software website