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Matte Painting | April

Alice in Wonderland

“I’m late! I’m late I’m late I’m late! Ah! Where do I keep my gloves!? We need to get to the castle Alice! What Castle? The Queen’s castle! There! On the other side of the maze! Oh no, we’ll never make it in time… And why am I following a white talking rabbit…”

As Alice and the White rabbit finish arguing, the camera cuts to an establishing shot of a giant maze. A maze so big we can barely see the end of it as it’s disappearing into the distant haze. Through the haze an enormous white castle emerges into the sky.

CGC Matte Painting guidelines | Alice in Wonderland

The matte painting is an establishing shot of a labyrinth that leads to the Queen’s castle. The labyrinth is made of a very thick bush like foliage. We would like the time of day to be sunrise but we don’t want to see the sun in frame. So it’ll be an of camera lighting direction. The maze must fade away into haze to sell the scale but through the haze we want to reveal the Queen’s castle…

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