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Tim Catalano releases AdvArray for 3ds Max

Monday, July 17th, 2017 | Posted by Jim Thacker

3D generalist and tools developer Tim Catalano has released AdvArray, an advanced parametric array modifier for 3ds Max.

The add-on takes a source mesh and instances it to create a three-dimensional array of objects, suitable for use in illustration or motion graphics work.

A parametric array modifier with some interesting control options
According to Catalano, AdvArray “fills [the] void” in 3ds Max for a parametric array modifier, and includes “advanced array features … that cannot be found in other third-party modifiers”.

As well as standard array properties like Count, Offset and transform properties, the modifier includes an Oscillate panel for generating sine waves and other curves, plus path-following and noise options.

Properties of an array can be set numerically, or visually, using a set of built-in gizmos.

AdvArray works with any 3ds Max object type that can be converted to a mesh, and includes built-in Material ID functionality, making it possible to control the way materials are varied across the instances.

Pricing and availability
AdvArray is available for 3ds Max 2016 and above. It costs $25.

Read more about AdvArray in Autodesk’s App Store

Read a full list of features in AdvArray in the modifier’s online documentation

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