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Valkaari releases Delta Mush for Cinema 4D

Thursday, September 17th, 2015 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Manuel ‘Valkaari’ Malaghaes’ new Delta Mush add-on for Cinema 4D in action. Note: no sound on video.

Tools developer Manuel ‘Valkaari’ Malaghaes has released Delta Mush, his implementation of the much-talked-about Delta Mush deformation system within Cinema 4D.

The system was recently implemented in Maya 2016 and Blender 2.75.

Fix skinning errors without tedious weight painting
Originally proposed by Rhythm & Hues, Delta Mush smooths arbitrary deformation on a mesh without smoothing the original detail of the model, enabling artists to fix skinning artefacts without weight painting.

In Rhythm & Hues’ own concise summary, Delta Mush “makes bad deformations good”.

Valkaari’s implementation makes Delta Mush a regular Cinema 4D deformer with an accompanying Tag to fine-tune its effects. You can see the workflow in the video above.

Pricing and availability
Delta Mush is available for Cinema 4D R15 and above on Windows and Mac OS X. A standalone licence costs €25 (around $28); the licence server version costs €30 ($34).

There is also a free version of the tool for users of the Student and demo versions of Cinema 4D.

Read more about Delta Mush on Valkaari’s website

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