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Maide Control: control Maya or 3ds Max via your iPad

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

An early demo of the Maide Control app. The tool now also supports 3ds Max and Maya.

Maide has updated its Maide Control app, enabling users to control 3ds Max or Maya via an iPad.

Maide Control allows users to pan, zoom or rotate a 3D model or access basic modelling commands via the iPad’s multi-touch screen. The app links wirelessly to a free desktop software component, Maide Connect, which must be installed on the target PC.

Although the system has been described as a replacement for control devices like those produced by 3Dconnexion, we’d see it currently as more of an interactive presentation tool.

As such, it includes options to capture a screenshot of a model to your iPad for reference; or to connect multiple iPads to a model to facilitate design discussions.

Maide Control is available now for $4.99, and requires iOS 4.3 or higher. The app also supports Rhino, SketchUp and SolidWorks.

Maide is also working on an iPod version of the tool, which you can see in action on YouTube.

Visit the Maide Control website

Buy Maide Control from the App Store

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5 responses to “Maide Control: control Maya or 3ds Max via your iPad”

  1. Tom said:

    LOL – so the ipad on wifi is a better control for the computer with the 3D application running right in front of you than the computer ? Well, possibly … the number of times I’ve banged my mouse for not tracking nice or for hitting the end of its cord or for just getting dirty is alarming. This could be nice in ZBrush, which really has an environment where touch-y controls could be helpful, or UDK. The Maide app looks like it needs a fair amount of practise though … and if you are working also at the same time with a wacom or cintiq then it’s going to take quite some getting used to. Still, at least the price is not high … the best part is if I can’t get it to work as cool as in the video, I won’t mind.

    8:50 pm on Thursday, December 22, 2011

  2. Tom said:

    Mini Review:
    This app should be marketed as a general purpose mouse/touchpad and keyboard replacement that happens to have some 3D navigation tools also. In the first day playing with it I find it useful for zipping around on the Windows desktop, in OpenOffice and for playing EVE (just warping a squad to stargate, jumping, choosing the next jump, docking was pretty easy – all of those are right click menu commands). It takes a little thinking to get used to the application’s double tap+drag = LMB+drag equivalence, but we’re talking only minutes of discomfort before it feels fine.

    In 3ds Max, at first I found the application specific controls didn’t register … but today that seems not a problem. So I tried out the panning tool and the three finger orbit, and that is okay. I’m not yet sure if habit will make this more pleasant with time, given I’ve accustomised over decades to regular ways of navigating, but it isn’t hard to control at least. I’d imagine this app might sit nicely alongside iDevCam for those controlling camera animation with the ipad.

    For the radial menu, which is a three finger tap (with fingers close together not spread apart) , you’re then faced with four categories of commands, and then only four commands that are provided (none are user set), meaning you have to tap, swipe-hold, and then release to do any command. This takes that little bit longer than right clicking, moving the cursor and clicking in the quad menu … which also offers far more than Maide’s 16 commands and you can user set the quad menu however you want. I forum requested Maide to add user programmable commands for future releases; with an entire iPad screen filled with commands, it’d be much nicer.

    A highly convenient feature of the app is automatic re-connection from PC to iPad.

    1:17 am on Saturday, December 24, 2011

  3. Oleg said:

    Thanks for the short review Tom, keep an eye on our blog for developments. Have you seen the video of the iPhone app?

    – Oleg.

    4:59 am on Monday, December 26, 2011

  4. swidreemz said:

    hello, i have problems and would need a little help!! first when i click on the maide inc link, i get a related search page with madonna and other singers pages :S:S..
    secondly, when i open the cad control app on my ipad i cant syncronize my pc with the ipad (they ask me to open a port and i dont know how to do it)

    help!! lol

    8:10 am on Thursday, July 4, 2013

  5. Jim Thacker said:

    Can’t help with the synchronization problem, I’m afraid, but I don’t think the app is being developed any longer – the developers’ website is down, which is why the hyperlink in the story no longer works, and they haven’t posted on the company’s Facebook or Twitter accounts since 2012.

    10:30 am on Thursday, July 4, 2013

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