Friday, November 11th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Javier Edo releases Forger: cool sculpting app for iPad

Image updated August 2020 to replace the now-defunct YouTube video embedded in the original story.

Developer Javier Edo has released Forger, a new sculpting app for the iPad.

Unlike Autodesk’s more consumer-oriented 123D Sculpt, the app features a range of the basic features you’d expect from a package like ZBrush: eight different brushes, OBJ import/export, masks, symmetrical sculpting and multi-model editing.

With a maximum geometry count of 65,535 polygons, Forger won’t replace conventional sculpting tools any time soon, but it looks a useful tool for rough work on the move.

Forger is available for iPad 1 and 2, price $2.99. According to the FAQs on his website, Edo – by day, a pipeline TD at Double Negative – is working on support for textures and multiple subdivision levels in future releases.

Visit the Forger website

Buy Forger in the Apple store