Sunday, June 9th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ryan Kittleson releases Ryan’s Tools 1.3 for ZBrush

Artist and 3D instructor Ryan Kittleson has released Ryan’s Tools 1.3, the latest update to his handy free workflow add-on for ZBrush.

The update adds new controls for saving cameras when not working in Perspective mode, and for properly scaling brush sizes when working with very large or very small SubTools.

A versatile collection of utility tools and alternatives to native ZBrush features
First released in 2018, Ryan’s Tools quickly found its way into many ZBrush artists’ toolsets.

The plugin fixes a number of common niggles when sculpting or PolyPainting in ZBrush, providing more intuitive alternatives to some of the software’s native toolsets, and adding new utility tools.

Many of the main features came with version 1.0 of the plugin, the demo video for which is embedded above, including EasyPrimitives and the Trash Bin.

EasyPrimitives is intended as a more intuitive alternative to the various methods of adding geometric primitives to a scene available in ZBrush, and places a primitive at the current SubTool, matching its scale.

Users can also paint masks to direct the placement of primitives.

The Trash Bin provides an equivalent to the Windows Recycle Bin within ZBrush. Deleted SubTools are stored in the bin indefinitely, and may be restored until it is emptied manually.

Other features include more intuitive implentations of ZBrush’s Mirror and Weld tools and its DynaMesh Resolution setting; and Smart Subdiv, which prevents models from shrinking when subdivided.

When PolyPainting, the plugin makes it possible to toggle quickly between display modes for an asset, adds new shortcuts for filling or clearing materials, and makes it possible to PolyPaint in Morph UV mode.

Version 1.1 of the plugin added HoloDeck – a 3D reference grid for modelling – and workflow improvements for adjusting paint intensity and working with radial symmetry, while version 1.2 made the self-descriptive AmpDetail button work with non-subdivided models, and added the option to toggle viewport shadows.

New in 1.3: new primitives, better brush scaling, option to save cameras outside Perspective view
To that, Ryan’s Tools 1.3 adds three new primitives to EasyPrimitives, including a subdivided plane, intended as a base for creating vector displacement maps.

The update also makes it possible to save camera views from ZBrush 2019‘s Universal Camera system when not working in Perspective mode, and improves the way brush size scales to very large or very small models.

Pricing and system requirements
Ryan’s Tools 1.3 is available for ZBrush 2019 only.

The plugin is available on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ basis: donating $1 gets you tech support, but you can donate more to express your appreciation for the work.

Download Ryan’s Tools 1.3 from Ryan Kittleson’s Gumroad store
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