Monday, January 7th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Neat new tool Glycon lets you record mocap in virtual reality

Developer Chilton Webb has released Glycon, an interesting new application designed for recording full-body motion-capture data using a VR headset and controllers and exporting it in FBX format.

The software, which works with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift hardware, is intended as a fast, low-cost motion capture solution that requires very little recording space.

Record full-body mocap data inside a virtual set using a VR headset and controllers
Glycon tracks the movements of a user’s head and hands via their VR headset and controllers, displaying the results on a 3D character in real time inside a virtual reality environment.

As well as hand position, users can use their VR controllers to generate hand gestures: currently just pointing, pinching, making a fist or opening the hand flat, although more are planned.

Movements of the character’s lower body are filled in automatically via a full-body IK system, although Webb is working on support for the Vive’s leg trackers.

When using a Vive or three Oculus cameras, Glycon will also track the user’s position within the capture volume, making it possible to record room-scale motions, including walks and crouch walks.

While capture is obviously limited by the restricted tracking volume supported by current VR hardware, Glycon has some interesting unique features not available in conventional mocap set-ups.

Those include the option to create virtual sets to record in, either by placing readymade 3D props or ‘drawing’ the set manually from simple cuboidal forms.

Once captured, mocap data can be exported in FBX format for use in DCC software or game engines.

That’s pretty much it so far, but the software has evolved quickly since Webb put out the first public beta last October: you can see a product roadmap for future updates via the link below.

There is also a free export-disabled demo version, so you can try before you buy, and raw FBX data recorded using the system can be downloaded from the product website.

Pricing and system requirements
Glycon is compatible with HTC Vive hardware running on Windows or Mac OS X and Oculus Rift hardware running on Windows. It’s currently available in early access.

Three purchase options are available, all providing access to a different number of future updates.

Glycon Indie gives you the current build and next build for $49; Glycon Pro gives all the updates to the end of the 1.x release cycle for $99; and Glycon Elite gives all future updates for $399.

Read more about the Glycon VR mocap system on the product webpage