Thursday, November 27th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Unity 4.6 ships

Unity Technologies has released Unity 4.6, adding its long-awaited new system for building in-game UIs.

Originally announced earlier this year – the video above dates back to May – the new toolset enables game developers to build UIs both in screen space and in world space, and therefore, in two or three dimensions.

All the graphical components have full support for custom materials and lighting, and the system is designed for the “simple creation of in-world interactions”, meaning the UI can respond to in-game events.

That’s pretty much it for new features, although there is the usual list of tweaks and bugfixes.

Pricing and system requirements
Unity 4.6 is available for Windows and Mac OS X. The $1,500 Pro edition includes the BlackBerry and Windows Phone add-ons; the iOS and Android add-ons are priced separately. There is also a cut-down free version.

Unity 5, announced earlier this year, is currently available as a pre-order beta. You can find more details on the Unity website and demo videos on the YouTube channel.

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