Thursday, October 17th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: what Blender’s interface should look like

Blender Guru’s Andrew Price recently got a lot of praise on community forums for his clearly argued analysis of why Blender’s interface is ‘broken’.

In his latest video, Price puts his money where his mouth is, at least figuratively speaking, and presents some concrete proposals for redesigning that interface.

More conventional – but too much like Autodesk?
His suggestions, which include a contextual sidebar and a more conventional layers panel, would make Blender look far more like an Adobe or Autodesk app – the mock-up of the UI Price uses to demonstrate the use of tabs and drop-downs looks rather like 3ds Max’s modelling ribbon on steroids.

Perhaps partly as a result, the new video has proved more controversial than its predecessors. A post on BlenderNation labelling the proposed UI a “Max/Photoshop copy for idiots” is fairly typical of its detractors.

But there are also a lot of people posting in support of some or all of the ideas, and a lot of people simply debating the issues. And as before, the new video is slickly presented and persuasively argued.

Watch it above, then add your ten cents to the debate via one of the links below.

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(Includes the full text of the video and some interesting survey data)

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