Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

‘First ever 3D printing pen’ nets $900k on Kickstarter

Tired of having to use actual software to model objects for 3D printing? 3Doodler might be the solution.

Described as “the world’s first 3D printing pen”, the 200-gram device enables users to draw onto any surface – or even in the air – with the ABS or PLA plastics used in 3D printers.

According to the demo video: “If you can scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air, you can use 3Doodler.”

Genius, or glue gun?
People’s reactions on seeing the 3Doodler fall into two camps: “That’s amazing!” and “That’s a hot glue gun.”

And they’re both right, sort of. The 3Doodler is effectively just a hot glue gun – but one that fires a fine jet of very quick-drying plastic, with a much more precise trigger.

Developers WobbleWorks’ Kickstarter campaign targets the device quite astutely at the Etsy market, which has gone mad over the idea, pledging almost $900,000 in under two days.

If you want to join in, the pre-production models have all gone, but $75 will get you a final production model and two bags of mixed-colour plastic. The 3Doodler is scheduled to ship by November this year.

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