Friday, December 28th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Doctor Who fan builds augmented reality Tardis

If you’ve been using the holidays to catch up on some classic British TV, here’s one for you.

Doctor Who fan Greg Kumparak has built an augmented reality version of the Tardis that is – as the show’s running gag has it – ‘bigger on the inside than the outside’.

The wooden model of the time-travelling police box comes with a smartphone app that displays its virtual interior, created in Blender, Unity and Qualcomm’s Vuforia SDK.

Kumparak has a bit more making-of info on his blog, while the BBC – Doctor Who’s original creators – have published an interview in which he mentions that he hopes that the Tardis model could become an official toy.

Read Greg Kumparak’s blog post about the making of the AR Tardis

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