Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Forget video mapping: here’s mocap mapping

Video projection mapping isn’t new. The art of projecting image sequences onto the sides of buildings to create the illusion of depth can create some striking results. What is new is combining it with live characters.

Video mapping company NuFormer has just teamed up with Dutch mocap specialists Motek Entertainment to create what it calls ‘mocap mapping’: a new art form in which a video projection is combined with real-time motion capture to enable a 3D character to interact with its environment, and with an audience.

The results, captured in a video of a live event at Zierikzee in the Netherlands earlier this month, look pretty cool.

And if you’re wondering why you’ve heard of Motek before, it may be because you’ve used Brekel Kinect, the Kinect motion-capture software created by the company’s senior TD, Jasper Brekelmans.

Visit NuFormer’s website

Visit Motek Entertainment’s website