Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Make yourself look like Steve Jobs in Blender

The first genuine ‘WTF?’ moment of the new CG year has just arrived, courtesy of Sebastian Koenig, 3D artist and matchmover on Mango, the Blender Foundation’s latest open movie.

The one-minute video shows a series of digital make-up tests performed by tracking a Blender model onto live footage. The texture maps applied to the digital double begin with dirt and blood, then get far… stranger.

Whether any of this gets used in Mango – planned as a five-minute live-action/VFX short – is a moot point. In his accompanying post, Koenig explains that he is just exploring alternatives to traditional prosthetic make-up.

But however the movie turns out, we’ll wager that it won’t be as curiously freaky as the sight of Steve Jobs’ face superimposed over Koenig’s own.

Visit the Mango project website