Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

See making of videos for The Adventures of Tintin

Turkish website SineFX.com has posted four making of videos for The Adventures of Tintin.

Not speaking Turkish, we’re not sure where they’ve come from or how long they’ll remain on YouTube, but they’re an interesting glimpse of the performance capture process.

Expect to see Jamie Bell gurning (strictly for facial reference purposes), Steven Spielberg gesticulating, and the prop standing in for Snowy the dog… doing its inanimate thing.

Update: a little digging on YouTube suggests the videos are the same as those uploaded by Belgian site Cinebel a few days ago. Still no idea where they originally came from, though.

Updated again (19 October): all of the original videos have now been removed from YouTube, but you can still currently find them online if you do a Google Videos search for ‘Adventures of Tintin making of’.

Visit the official Adventures of Tintin website