Monday, August 8th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get TreeSketch 2.0: free tree-generation iPad app

Developer Steven Longay has released TreeSketch 2.0: a very cool-looking tree-generation iPad app.

Given TreeSketch 2.0 is free, the array of of parameters for controlling shape and texture would be impressive enough, but what really caught our attention was the option to sketch in the form of a tree freehand: either by drawing an outline, or with a kind of ‘branch brush’.

Once a tree is generated, you can even go back and redraw the lines of individual branches freehand. Completed tree models can be exported to other apps in FBX format.

The app comes out of research work at the University of Calgary, where Longay is an MSc student.

According to Longay, TreeSketch 2.0 is available in the Apple App Store now. Go check it out.

Visit the Algorithmic Botany website (Steven Longay’s university research group)

Watch video tutorials for TreeSketch 2.0