Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Planetside releases free version of Terragen 2.3

A Houdini animation rendered in Terragen using version 2.3?s geometry sequence support.

Planetside Software has updated its Free Non-Commercial Edition (that’s not us Capitalising For Emphasis: it’s what it’s officially called) to version 2.3.

Terragen 2.3, the commercial edition of which shipped in April, adds full 64-bit support to the popular landscape generator, along with a new colour picker and Node Palette, and the option to import geometry-based animations created in other software for rendering inside Terragen.

In addition to being restricted to non-commercial use, the free edition has a maximum render size of 800×600 pixels and places limits on the complexity of the scenes that can be generated.

Read the full feature list and download Terragen 2.3 Free Edition