Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 Posted by Jim Thacker

E-on unveils Vue 9 line-up

E-on software has formally unveiled details of its Vue 9 product line, including improved relighting, interactive network rendering and new flicker-reduction algorithms.

The developer predicts that the new rendering technology “will extend the use of Vue beyond the scope of matte paintings into the realms of fully animated 3D shots”.

The rest of the feature list suggests a solidly workflow-driven line-up, and one that may endear Vue 9 to professional users – although, actually, there are some interesting extras buried away in the ‘And much more’ section of the press release, including inverse kinematics and a new interface design.

The software, first previewed at Siggraph this year, is scheduled for release in the first half of November. The professional editions, Vue 9 Infinite and Vue 9 xStream, will ship first, closely followed by their sister products. Customers who took out maintenance contracts within 30 days of the releases will receive version 9 for free.

View Vladimir Chopine’s Vue 9 demo from Siggraph: Part One (Audience video: limited sound)

Part Two


Product Lineup

The Vue 9 product line is architectured around the same three-tiered family structure:

  • Vue 9 for CG Professionals: Vue 9 Infinite and Vue 9 xStream
    Offers CG professionals the premiere solution for creating exceptionally rich and realistic Digital Nature environments with seamless integration into any production workflow.
  • Vue 9 for 3D Artists: Vue 9 Esprit, Vue 9 Studio and Vue 9 Complete
    Provides 3D artists with powerful modular applications to create rich 3D Digital Nature scenery and landscapes.
  • Vue 9 for 3D Enthusiasts: Vue 9 Pioneer, Theme-Packs and Vue 9 Frontier
    Published by Cornucopia3D, powered by e-on software, these products feature content-filled, easy-to-use scenic nature creation for home and family use, with Vue 9 Frontier specifically dedicated to Poser™ and Daz|Studio™ users.

Next-Generation Features

Capitalizing on breakthrough technologies introduced in previous versions, Vue 9 adds a number of new and extended features such as:

  • New flicker reduction algorithms
    Vue 9 proudly introduces new flicker reduction algorithms developed by e-on software. These algorithms produce animated renders with a noticeably reduced amount of flickering, reinforcing Vue as the ultimate solution for rendering animated natural environments.
  • Faster Rendering
    Thanks to internal refactoring, Vue 9 renders up to 30% faster than previous versions!
  • Relighting
    To instantly adjust the lighting of the scene after the render completes – lights can be turned on and off, colors can be changed, all in real-time!
  • Interactive Network Rendering
    Thanks to advanced data fragmentation and caching for the distribution of scenes to the rendering nodes, Vue 9 allows for completely interactive network rendering. Scenes are rendered to the screen while the network is handled in the background automatically.
  • Improved Terrain Editor
    Contextual brushes and fully customizable terrain brushes, automatic Terrain Retopology, Sculpting and Painting masks, Smear brush, Terrain Canvas extension, …
  • EcoSystem 4
    Dramatically reduced flickering, optimized rendering and memory management for Dynamic EcoSystems, animated EcoSystem populations, and more …
  • HDR Multi-Pass Rendering
  • HyperBlob Technology
    Convert HyperTextured MetaBlobs to polygon objects with user defined LOD – ideal for the creation of extremely rich and detailed rock formations,
  • Custom Interfaces
    To create simplified high-level controls and access these controls directly from the material editor, the terrain editor or the object editors!
  • Auto Saving and Scene Snapshots
    This unique and innovative technology automatically saves the scenes in the background, while working, without interfering with the user workflow!
  • And much more
    Rocky Mountains fractals, Inverse Kinematics, Cloud Radiosity, Real-World units, Catmull-Clark subdivision, improved texture management, native Cocoa, new interface design…