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Eisko ships PBR character shader pack for Unity 5

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 | Posted by Jim Thacker

French digital doubles firm Eisko has released the Unity 5 skin shader used in its own real-time demos, such as the video above, via the Unity Asset Store.

The release forms part of a pack of four physically based character shaders, along with dedicated shaders for eyes and teeth and a general-purpose shader for clothing.

A quick readymade solution for photorealistic characters
Unlike Unity 5’s new Standard shader, Eisko’s skin shader supports subsurface scattering, and it’s energy-conserving, so it should play nicely with the software’s new real-time global illumination system.

Unusually, it’s also designed with facial animation in mind, automatically blending between normal and displacement maps corresponding to a character’s blendshapes, to mimic elastic deformation of the skin.

Pricing and availability
Eisko’s Character Physically Based Shaders pack is available now on the Unity asset store for Unity 5.0.0 or higher, price $90. All four shaders come in versions with and without DirectX 11 tesselation.

The pack also includes a detailed full-body model of a female character. A hi-res 3D scan of the same actress’s head is available as a free download from Eisko’s website in FBX format with 4K texture maps.

Read more about the Character Physically Based Shaders pack on Eisko’s blog

Find the shader pack on the Unity Asset Store

Full disclosure: in my other life as a freelance technical writer, I contribute to Eisko’s blog.
CG Channel and The Gnomon School of Visual Effects have no other connection with the company.

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