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Get Miguel Angel Santiago’s free noise library for Mari

Monday, October 28th, 2013 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Games character artist Miguel Angel Santiago Jr. has released DT3D Mari Procedural Library: a nice open-source library of procedural noise types for Mari.

Procedurals supported include Cellular, Gabor, Perlin, Value, Simplex, Brownian, Turbulence, Inigo Multi-Fractal and Ridged Fractal noise. (Gabor is a “special type of noise with anisotropic properties”, if you were wondering.)

As well as adding new nodes to Mari, the library “adds new functionality to the shader API that other writers can access and modify to create their own shaders”.

The library has been tested on Mari 2.5 running on 64-bit Windows 8, but may work in other installs.

Visit Miguel Angel Santiago Jr’s website
(Nothing about the library here yet)

Download the DT3D Mari Procedural Library source files from GitHub
(Includes installation instructions)

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