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Create variable chamfers in 3ds Max

Monday, May 21st, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Version 1.04 of Marius Silaghi’s Quad Chamfer Modifier supports variable chamfers. Check them out above.

One-man development powerhouse Marius Silaghi has updated his Quad Chamfer Modifier for 3ds Max. Quad Chamfer 1.04 can now generate variable chamfers.

Unlike 3ds Max’s native modifier, Quad Chamfer generates all-quad chamfers, producing cleaner, more controllable geometry and minimising artefacts when models are TurboSmoothed.

There isn’t really a lot else to say: if you want to see the new workflow in action, just check out the video above. Quad Chamfer Modifier works with 3ds Max 9 and above, and costs €30 (around $38).

Edited 28 May: the modifier has now been updated to version 1.09, adding new options for insetting chamfered polygons. Find more details and a new demo video via the link below.

Visit the Quad Chamfer Modifier webpage (Includes purchase link)

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