Thursday, May 6th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Blender add-on Node Relax lets you brush nodes into place

Games artist Shahzod Boyhonov has released Node Relax, a brilliant free Blender add-on that enables users to tidy up the node graph by simply brushing nodes into place.

Tidy up tangled node graphs quickly and intuitively
Node Relax works in a similar way to brush-based relax tools for UVs, automatically spacing out nodes beneath the brush cursor, and moving them around to follow the path of the brush.

A separate Auto Arrange option automatically spaces out nodes horizontally and vertically, cleaning up horrible tangles of wiring in a single click.

Together, they form one of the most intuitive ways to organise a node graph that we’ve seen in a DCC app. Keeping your nodes tidy almost looks as though (whisper it) it might actually be fun.

Licence and system requirements
Node Relax is available free for Blender 2.92 under a GPL licence.

Download Node Relax from Shahzod Boyhonov’s GitHub repo