Thursday, November 13th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Andersson Technologies ships SynthEyes 1411

Andersson Technologies has released SynthEyes 1411, the third update to its camera-tracking software in four months, adding a new offset-tracking workflow (above) and extending the capabilities of the graph editor.

Synthia, the natural-language control system introduced in SynthEyes 1407, has also been extended, adding the option to run it via the scripts menu, as well as via text or voice commands.

The press release does a good job of summarising the key features, so we’ve pasted in the relevant sections below. You can find a full list of new features on the product website via the link at the foot of the story.

The new 1411 release focuses on improvements for SynthEyes’s already-extensive supervised tracking feature set. A new offset-tracking workflow permits accurate temporary tracking of an adjacent feature when the primary feature is occluded (expanding upon the existing offset-tracking features, used for detail modeling). Tracker size, aspect, and search-size can now be animated, making it easier to re-track and refine an existing track. Trackers now offer animated reference crosshairs, which can be helpful when placing trackers when there are extended linear features nearby.

The graph editor has been enhanced with the new animated channels, though they are not visible until they are animated. The channel display now makes it easier to identify which channels are keyed on a given frame as you scrub through the shot. The constrained-trackers view can now be sorted to make it easier to identify problematic trackers, and to identify local vs inter-camera constraints.

SynthEyes 1411 extends the revolutionary Synthia user interface (introduced in 1407) to add the capability to run Synthia commands from .sia files that are launched from the scripts menu, in response to keyboard accelerator commands, or in response to clicks on user-configured toolbars. That allows non-technical users to use their mouse and simple English instructions to accomplish workflow automation tasks that would otherwise require a programming background.

SynthEyes 1411 also updates its RED library to 5.1, which supports Dragon Enhanced black and Lift/Gamma/Gain metadata.

Pricing and Availability
Licenses of SynthEyes Pro cost $499. The cross-platform Pro license runs $649. Full floating Pro licenses are $999 each (the per-site license manager is $250). For students and hobbyists, an entry-level Intro version for Windows or Mac is $299.

For in-support SynthEyes customers, the new version comes at no extra cost. For more pricing and ordering information, visit the Andersson Technologies website.

Read more about the new features in SynthEyes 1411 on the Andersson Technologies website