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Matte Painting | February

Open World Matte Painting

The first Matte Painting contest of 2013 is going to be completely different from the past.
John and I have decided to give you guys the chance to prove your creativity.
No plate or reference this time. Just pick one entry from each of the categories below:

Genre (pick only one)
Sci-fi (far or close future)
Steampunk / Industrial
Disaster Movie

Location (pick only one)
Victorian London
Ancient Times (Rome, Athene, Egypt, Maya etc)
Old West

Time of day (pick only one)
Sunset / magic hour
Night time
Daylight (3, 4 o’clock)

Scifi + Ancient Rome + Night time
Once you’ve chosen your subject, your goal is to achieve a photo-real looking digital matte painting of your environment.

CGC Matte Painting guidelines | Open World
1) The aspect ratio of your final image should be: 65mm Camera Aperture
2) The final resolution output of your piece should be: 1920 x ####
3) You cannot use the references provided directly in your shot
4) Use of 3D is strongly encouraged but not required for this contest
5) Extra points for a moving shot

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First Place

Second Place

Third Place