Friday, January 18th, 2013 Posted by CG Channel Administration

Eye candy: ILM’s epic Avengers shot breakdown

[Originally posted on: 28 December 2012. Scroll down for updates.]

If you read my review of The Avengers Blu-ray, you know how much I love that movie. My favorite scene would would to be that long, epic, shot at the end showing the team of superheroes fighting together. Industrial Light and Magic has released an interesting look at how it was created on its YouTube channel. Check it out below!

Updated 18 January 2013: ILM has released a couple of cool new ‘Behind the Magic’ videos on the making of The Avengers, including one on the creation of Hulk, from casts and Light Stage reference to ZBrush sculpt.

Wired also has a nice article that goes into a little more detail about the work.