Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

One to bookmark: modopedia
Part of ModoSsv‘s ‘Transformer trike’ tutorial: just one of hundreds of modo videos collated on modopedia.

Pat Crandley has launched modopedia: an “awesome library of free user-created tutorials” for modo.

The site, which was created in response to the difficulty of finding good training material on YouTube, collates the best free modo video training released online in one single resource.

Videos are divided into technical categories (interface, modelling, rigging and so on), plus a general Projects category. We didn’t count them all individually, but the total must run into the hundreds.

Crandley is currently calling for people to submit new videos and feedback, so why not head along to the site and show your support? It’s an incredible resource, and created entirely for the love.

Visit modopedia