Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Interview: BioWare on making Mass Effect 3

Absolutely not the real endings of Mass Effect 3. Soothe your frustration at the ending of the trilogy with Pixologic’s excellent interview with BioWare’s character art team: click here to read the full Q&A.

Pixologic has posted an interesting interview with key members of the character team on Mass Effect 3.

In the eight-page story, Herbert Lowis, Rafael Grassetti, Rion Swanson and Rodrigue Pralier discuss their work on the closing instalment in BioWare’s trilogy of science-fiction RPGs.

Obviously, a lot of the questions are about ZBrush – but given that the character design has always been one of the highlights of Mass Effect, that’s actually quite pertinent. And you do get to see a lot of gorgeous sculpts.

Read the full interview on the Pixologic website