Sunday, October 9th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

GenArts ships Sapphire v6

GenArts has released a new version of its industry-standard collection of VFX plug-ins, Sapphire.

Sapphire v6 provides artists with a collection of over 240 pre-built sparks for Autodesk and Avid finishing systems and After Effects. Nuke and Final Cut versions are due for release later this year.

New features in version 6 include a customisable lens flare editor, a new visual presets browser, and access to more presets via the FX Central service.

The pricing scheme is quite complex, but starts at $1,699 and rises to $8,499 for Autodesk systems.

fxguide has a good review of Sapphire v6, calling the price tag “brassy”, but concluding that the answer to the question as to whether Autodesk artists need the collection is still “a resounding yes”.

GenArts Inc., the global leader in specialized visual effects (VFX) software, released the highly anticipated new version of industry-leading Sapphire Plug-ins®. Sapphire v6 equips editors, motion graphic artists, and compositors with the most flexible tools to create their best work in less time through the dynamic GenArts SolutionTM—a combination of a superior effects engine, an online looks portfolio, and VFX expertise. Today, GenArts sets a new standard for creating breakthrough visual effects by integrating dynamic controls, thousands of creative options, and unmatched quality into a single, comprehensive visual effects solution.

Sapphire, the standard in visual effects software for the advertising, media, and broadcast industries since 1996, introduces significant new features in version 6: a customizable lens flare editor, an array of photorealistic effects and transitions, over a thousand presets,
and an intuitive visual preset browser. Sapphire v6 also includes access to FX Central, the curated looks portfolio where artists can download new presets monthly to keep their collections fresh and relevant.

For the first time, Sapphire artists can view presets on their project, providing a visual starting point to jumpstart the effect-building process. Now, they can customize their work quickly to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. Motion graphics artists in particular can enjoy a simplified workflow in After Effects by using Sapphire v6 interactively within their 3D compositing environment to easily manipulate 3D flares, apply masks as mattes, and expand their creative possibilities.

Key innovations enable you to:

  • Design flares from scratch and control individual elements
  • Visually browse 1,100+ customizable presets on your media, or create and save your own
  • Get new presets monthly via an included one-year subscription to FX Central (currently in beta)
  • Enjoy expanded creative options with 240+ effects and transitions
  •  Edit flare elements within After Effects’ 3D compositing environment and isolate
  • effects easily with AE masks integration
  • Float Autodesk Flame licenses across platforms

Sapphire v6 is the second product to leverage the full GenArts Solution, which integrates the powerful Sapphire effects engine, curated looks from FX Central, and metrics to enable artists to better achieve their creative vision. Now, all visual effects artists have access to the highest-quality tools, fresh and relevant creative options, and the meaningful information they need to create their best work in less time.

Sapphire v6 is currently available for After Effects, Autodesk, and Avid systems, with Final Cut Pro 7 and OFX versions slotted for release later this fall.

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