Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

VES director slams exploitation of VFX artists

VFX artists are being screwed by the system, according to Visual Effects Society executive director Eric Roth.

In a strongly worded open letter to the industry, released yesterday, Roth writes: “Artists and visual effects companies are working longer hours for less income … carrying larger financial burdens while others are profiting greatly from our work.”

“The work we do helps a lot of people make a lot of money, but it’s not being shared on an equal basis, nor is the respect that’s due us.”

Putting polemic into practice
In the past, the VES has been criticised for lacking the economic clout to back up its good intentions: a point Roth tacitly addresses.

“VES may not have the power of collective bargaining, but we do have the power of a voice that’s 2,400 artists strong in 23 countries – and the VES Board of Directors has decided that now is the time to use it.”

“The time to step up has arrived. VES 2.0 is here and ready to lead.”

Given the nature of the letter – more op ed piece than strategy document – there is less on what form that leadership will take, although Roth mentions “virtual town hall meetings, a VFX artists’ Bill of Rights and a VFX CEOs’ forum”.

Changing the system from within?
Reactions to the letter from campaigning groups have been positive. Crusading blog VFX Soldier welcomed the announcement, writing: “A huge debt of gratitude has to be given to Jeff Okun, Eric Roth, and the VES members. They could have easily continued supporting the status quo but chose to finally do something about it.”

However, it is over a year since Lee Stranahan’s very similar open letter to James Cameron, during which time conditions in the industry have changed little.

Whether the VES can capitalise on its insider status – as VFX Soldier points out, many of its board members are studio executives and CEOs – to bring about real change remains to be seen.

If it can, the next few months look likely to be a very interesting time in the visual effects industry.

Read Eric Roth’s full open letter